Rooms at Hotel Priya Ghangaria

Room tariff and occupancy.

AS  it’s a difficult time for every one of us , hotel Priya offers a discounted room rates on advanced booking  as follows

Room type           room rate         Discounted rate

Single                      1500                    1000

Double                    2500                    2000

Triple                      3500                    3000

Four                          5500                  4500

Note :- All the room rates mentioned above are for room only and the meals are not included in this price. The hotel has a 30 days cancellation and 15 days prior amendment policy, and no refund shall be made after this. These discounted  rates will be applicable only for tourist those who book through our website .Booking will be confirmed only after paying minimum 75% payment in advance.

Following are some of the pictures of the rooms at Hotel Priya Ghangaria.